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concrete/raw is a collection that is inspired by the vision that I had for my brand: being who you are, being raw. the feeling of freedom and putting your heart and soul into what you love is a part of humanity and embracing the real you. being real is not always beautiful, it is the antithesis, or as I call it, anti-beauty.

this season’s collection is about going in the other direction and not following the crowd, or what I like to call anti-mainstream, anti-fashion, and anti-normality. by going against the grain, that may mean you are on your own, but if you can’t beat the system then go around it.

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FW17 Cover

Diagnosis – Is a reflection of the delicacy of human existence. Exposing the laws of fate, and the decision to challenge its inescapable reality. Celebrating the glory of love, and its everlasting triumph over fear. Evoking the inner sanctum, and the power to alter perception. When strength is conceived by pain and sorrow, heroism is re-born. Confronting the unknown. Never alone

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“About last Night” is inspired by the act of sharing.
This collection is inspired by a couple in a relationship and how they share their belongings, time, and love. In “About last night”, you will find hints of traditional menswear that has been transformed into women’s wear.

After sharing an exciting night with her lover, she has no clothes to wear, so he gives her his clothes that are too big for her.
She starts altering, draping, and folding the garments to fit her body.
The energy of this kind of sharing and intimacy makes her feel comforted and strong.
The divide between what women and men can wear and share is getting smaller.

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Balancing between feminine to masculine energy inspired “Female vs. Male.” Female vs. Male is an exploration of woman as men and men as woman, stripping it down to the essence of it all that is the modern day woman in her everyday life channeling these energies to create one unique energy of self. I like to think about the future without forgetting the past of the first woman aka Eve that was made out of Adam’s rib. Therefore the woman was born with a part of the man, she naturally has male energy in her. When the modern day woman goes out in the world she needs to be ready as if she is a businessman, by channeling both feminine and masculine energy she is confident and is able to go out there and get it with her own unique presence.

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The title of my SS16 collection is “Moving
Forward”. The inspiration for this collection
stems from my 10 year anniversary of when I
left home. This line is based on various
elements and memories on my 10 year journey
of travel and growth mixed in with our every
day natural movements. We speak, write and
move in rhythm and shapes which can visibly
be seen in “Moving Forward.”

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How to expose the Heart, inspired by the
dilemma of exposing and protecting the
heart. I wear my heart on my sleeve. Taken
from everyday life where the heart is
exposed, passionate, happy, sad, scared
and vulnerable. Using boning to enhance
the heart areas for protecting as a metaphor
for the rib cage that creates a natural shield
for the heart. The draping around the areas
of the heart come to show us different
situations and feelings after exposing the heart
or protecting the heart. Some times art doesn’t
make sense, cause it comes from the heart.

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