"Diagnosis"is inspired by my mother and all women that first deal with the diagnosis and the disease of Cancer. On this journey "she" discovers a lot of different emotion/feelings such as: shock, grief, empowerment, weak, strong, survival, life, death and the loss of identity aka sexuality. I started to think about that point where a woman losses her hair during chemotherapy, she starts to loose her identity in a way she doesn't know what sex she is. Is she female? Is she male? Does she feel more feminine? Does she feel more masculine? She looses her identity and starts wearing anything. Due to her loosing her identify I introduced men's wear. I further explored more into Cancer with mimicking shapes of tumors with draping’s coming out of neck and shoulder area.
Bold color pallets, luxurious wool fabrics, and mastered silhouette draping
techniques are known as the signature aspects of the Rinat Brodach brand.
Throughout this collection for Fall/Winter 2017, Brodach delivers her true
craftsmanship by incorporating menswear influences combined with detailed
feminine separates that are brought to life through their versatility. Custom prints
displayed throughout this specific line are inspired by the ‘Reed-Sternberg’ cell,
and the designer’s various journal collages she created throughout her experiences.
ALL sold garments can be made to order.